Hamilton’s southern transport network on home straight with final project stages

Hamilton’s southern transport network on home straight with final project stages

Transport Network Amberfield
The Peacocke transport network is on the home straight.

As the Waikato Herald has shown us all so well from the air, great progress is being made to create the transport network that will provide new connections from Peacocke and Amberfield into Hamilton. Due to be completed by mid-2024, work on this vital enabling infrastructure is going full speed ahead!

October 2023

The new transport network in Hamilton’s southern suburb of Peacocke is taking shape with the final form revealed for the main road and roundabout after two years of underground and structural works.

Hamilton City Council general manager of infrastructure and assets Andrew Parsons said seeing the last stages of construction get underway was terrific after nearly three years of hard work.

“We’re on the home straight so we’ll see the project really come to life in the next couple of months,” Parsons said.

Dependent on the weather conditions over summer, the new bridge, transport and three waters networks were due to be completed by mid-2024.

“Significant landscaping works under the bridge and along to the new roads is well underway and the first balustrades for the bridge sides were installed this week.

“New speed limits, upgraded roads, and dedicated bus lanes along the new bridge and main road are part of the transport package in Peacocke,” Parsons said.

The first section of upgraded road along Peacockes Rd will be opened to traffic soon while works were completed on the new four-way roundabout.

The ring road extension, that connected the new Waikato River bridge with Peacockes Rd, will be progressed as part of the 2023/24 summer construction season, with the final elements and finishing touches to follow.

The future-proofed transport network design would deliver more safe and efficient ways to get around the area and provided key connections to the rest of city for the 20,000 Hamiltonians who would eventually call Peacocke home.

Parsons said since awarding the contract in late 2020, the project had to manage a sustained series of challenges and disruptions.

“We initially hoped to be finished in mid-late 2023, but the cumulative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic response in New Zealand and severe weather events experienced this year have made that impossible.”

Growth programmes manager Karen Saunders said the landowners and developers in Peacocke had told council they were excited to see the project shaping up and were preparing to get on with their development plans.

“It’s great to see this project progressing before the next major development starts in Peacocke,” Saunders said.

“Through collaborative partnerships some works like road intersections and service connections required for subdivisions funded by developers have been included in the current project scope. This means new developments will have connections from the get go.”

“The work happening in Peacocke is transformative - it’s a game-changer that unlocks the area for more homes and development of the city’s newest neighbourhood.”

For more information, please go to the NZ Herald article here.

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