Peacocke Open Day

Peacocke and Southwest Hamilton Open Day

April 2019

The growth of southwest Hamilton and the Peacocke area attracted significant interest at an information day held by Hamilton City Council recently.

Hundreds of people turned out for the event which focussed on planned infrastructure and transport connections to the 750-hectare suburb in which the Amberfield community will be located.

As part of the wider plans to service the area, a new four-lane bridge across the Waikato River south of Hamilton Gardens is planned with a potential completion date of 2023. The Peacocke area will also be serviced by the Southern Links, the state highway and local arterial road network to the south of the city.

Feedback from the event was far ranging and included a call for more cycleways and walkways while a virtual reality headset gave public a chance to experience the overall vision for the new part of the city.

Open Day 2019

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