Peacocke recognised as 'the gold standard' of development

Peacocke recognised as 'the gold standard' of development

Renders Peacocke Gold Standard
Left: An artist's impression of a future Peacocke street in Hamilton's new suburb, balancing the natural environment with higher-density housing. Right: The Peacocke plan covers multi-level housing, transport connections and community spaces, as well as protection of cultural heritage and natural environment. Image credits: Hamilton City Council.

March 2023

New Hamilton suburb considered best practice for urban design and ecological outcomes - Waikato Herald

Great to see this article in the NZ Herald on plans for the Peacocke neighbourhood, talking about how planning is the ‘gold standard’ for this community, enabling ‘high quality urban development which at the same time restores and enhances the natural environment’.

Quotes in the article that really stood out for us also included:

“A planned, resilient community that enhances the natural environment and provides for higher-density housing near the central city. Peacocke represents best practice in urban design and ecological outcomes.”

“Council had a head start and is already delivering many of the enabling pieces of infrastructure in this plan through the construction of a new river bridge and arterial roads that run through Peacocke. These will be reaching completion late 2023, in time for housing development to get under way.”

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