Waikato River bridge and surrounding transport network update

Waikato River bridge and surrounding transport network update

Great to see Hamilton City Council celebrate the final concrete pour for the new Waikato River bridge - which council rightly describes as a significant stage of construction. This progress is great news for Hamilton, for Amberfield, and for the whole Peacocke region. We also wanted to share Hamilton City Council's most recent newsletter, as the stories below are so relevant to us:

June 2023

Final concrete pour marks construction milestone for new Waikato River bridge

In March, the final section of concrete was poured for the bridge deck. This completes a significant stage of construction and marks around 14,000 work hours spent on the bridge deck build. The concrete deck sits on top of the steel girders - support beams - and will form the foundation for the new road and shared pathways. Essential services have been installed inside the steel girders, including water and wastewater pipes alongside electricity and internet cables. You can watch the time lapse video here.

Bridge Pour timelapse

In other exciting news:

Wastewater transfer station and surrounding pipelines

The new wastewater transfer station project in Peacocke has ticked off a massive milestone with their largest concrete pour successfully completed In April. Around 350m3 of concrete was poured to form the sloped floor of the storage tank – it can store up to 1.5 million litres of wastewater! You can also watch the time lapse video here.

Whatukooruru Drive - Stage 2A and Peacockes Road urban upgrade - South

In December 2022, construction started on the next section of Whatukooruru Drive - the key transport connection from Peacockes Road in the east to Ohaupo Road in the west. Around 1.3km of new transport corridor will be built along with underground pipes for water services and other essential services like electricity cables. The road and services will enable the next stage of new subdivisions and homes. Whatukooruru is the name of a significant paa site within the Peacocke area which borders the new road. The road’s design supports Council’s Vision Zero target, prioritises public transport and provides safer and more accessible streets for people walking and biking or travelling by bus or car. The next section of Peacockes Road will be upgraded as part of this project and work will start on this in late-2023. This project is expected to be completed by early-2025.

Whatukooruru Drive

North-south wastewater pipeline and shared pathway

In February 2023, construction started on a new wastewater pipeline that will connect the new suburbs in Peacocke with the city’s existing wastewater network. This project will deliver the 860m-long underground pipeline and two bridges over the Mangakootukutuku Gully. Future subdivisions will be connected by this pipeline to the wastewater transfer station on Peacockes Road. The two gully crossings will be part of a shared pathway, built on top of the underground pipeline, and will enable people to access the southern parts of the gully. This project is expected to be completed by late 2024.

N-S Wastewater Pipeline

Content shared from the Hamilton City Council What’s happening in Peacocke - June 2023 Monthly newsletter.

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