What's Planned

Much care and consideration has gone into the planning to ensure Amberfield will be a highly liveable and connected community.

With 23 hectares of open spaces and a carefully laid out roading and cycle path network, Amberfield will be a functional community where it’s easy to get around. The expansive site naturally divides itself into four distinctive neighbourhoods built around a commercial heart or neighbourhood centre.

Masterplan sketch 2019
The Amberfield Masterplan

Why masterplan?

Amberfield's street network




Over 850 households to be built over time

  • Majority of sections to be between 400 to 600 square metres
  • Future subdivision will enable medium density typologies, with lot sizes potentially down to 200 square metres
  • Living standards of the highest order with good solar access for the majority of homes with good indoor-outdoor flows to private outdoor space.

Open spaces, parks and amenity

  • A neighbourhood centre which could accommodate some 5,000 to 10,000m2 of retail / commercial uses
  • Network of open spaces with almost 10ha of residential parks including an archaeological / cultural reserve of just over 1.5ha
  • Areas of biodiversity and most indigenous trees retained
  • Esplanade reserve in the form of a cycling / walking shared path along the banks of the Waikato River.




  • A well-connected street network comprising of a range of street types to respond to traffic needs and living conditions
  • Provision for bus routes along Peacockes Road and within the development
  • Extensive provision made for cycling and walking.

Cafe & display suite coming soon

In the northern part of the Amberfield site a café and display suite are planned. With mature trees and manicured lawns, the site will be the perfect place to meet friends and learn more about the development.

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A council planning for the future

The 720-ha Peacocke area, in which the Amberfield community will be located, is seen as a critical growth area for Hamilton. The Hamilton City Council expects to invest more than $290m there over the next ten years. Much of this investment will be in roading infrastructure such as a new bridge over the river as part of an extension to Wairere Drive. Find out more.

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Kids on scooters
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